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Natural Effects

10 - Feb - 2015

Helen specialises in semi-permanent make-up and treatment for scars and wrinkles. Based in Kent she is happy to travel.

Scars, Burns and Stretch Marks

Scars, Burns and Stretch Marks

Scars & Burns - relaxing the scar

For people who have suffered loss of pigmentation through burns or scarring, micropigmentation can help blend in and soften the appearance.

Dramatic results can be achieved on dark coloured skins. Note: scar tissue is unpredictable and may take additional treatments to complete.

MCA - Multitrepannic collagen actuation

Multitrepannic collagen actuation is for people who suffer from tight, painful or strong scar tissue. A technique called dry needling is given whereby a probe breaks the surface of the skin (similar to tattooing without ink) helping to soften and relax the scar. This process can actually stimulate collagen production making it a great treatment for wrinkles.

Stretch Marks

Severe stretch marks can benefit from the application of micropigmentation. Stretch marks are very traumatic for some people and the though of improving the appearance is a dream come true, but you must be aware that micropigmentation is not a magic wand, and will not make the stretch marks disappear!

Over a course of treatments it is possible to soften the scars from white to a colour closer to your natural skin type, It will not be a perfect match as your skin changes in colour from season to season.

Stretch marks have a silvery sheen to them, this cannot be camouflaged, and will still shine through over the new colour. An in depth consultation is recommended and suitability for this treatment will be discussed.

Cleft Lip

Micropigmentation would be the last stage in the reconstruction of a cleft lip. The first treatment will be MCA to soften and relax the scar tissue, in the second treatment a new lip line will be created and the third treatment will fill in the natural lip colour.


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